Hire us for schools and workshops

Members of the group are available to lead teaching sessions on historical dance.

School Visits

Many members of the group are available during the week and have experience in working with children in schools. Some members have basic disclosures available on request, however we would expect teachers to be supervising pupils at all times during workshops. As well as dancing, members of the group can cover a wide range of historical topics - contact us for further details.


We can provide workshops covering dances from any period from 1450 through to around 1650 for complete beginners or those already familiar with early dance. The maximum number of participants will depend on the space available and type of workshop with advanced workshops being more restricted in number than those for beginners. We can provide experienced dancers to assist and demonstrate the dances. Workshops can be delivered with either live or with recorded music. We can combine a workshop with a dance performance if required.