Hire us for Film & TV work

Our members have been involved in a number of film and TV productions.

We can supply featured and supporting artists from within our core membership or by using our contacts among groups we collaborate with. Our members are familiar with court / gentry life in the Tudor and Stuart periods and can provide historical advice when required. As well as supplying experienced dancers we can advise on dance choreography and train non dancers in basic moves.

For productions set in our core period of 1450 to 1650, our artists have a selection of costumes available that may fit your production needs. Costumes we own tend to be at the court/gentry end of society rather than the ordinary working man. We would not normally hire out the costume on it's own.

Our members own a wide variety of museum quality period artefacts and accoutrements which can be used as film props. As with the costumes, we would not normally hire out props on their own.